hridik May 31, 2019

Internet marketing is the most important marketing strategy you can use today. It helps you establish an online presence and draw more audience to your business. Internet marketing is important because most modern consumers start their shopping experience online. Even if they’re in a brick-and-mortar store, the check online for reviews and prices to make […]

hridik November 26, 2018

Everyone who visits your website, has a goal in mind – you may not be able to figure that goal out consciously, but they have their reasons behind the visit. So listening to your visitor’s feedback plays an important role in meeting their expectations and demands! Asa owner of the business, you need to make sure […]

hridik November 19, 2018

Operating a website can lead to huge success for your business, however, without the proper care, there are chances that you may lose out. Some of the errors your website can be suffering from may be very minimal, such as mistakes in spellings, however, there may be errors that may well be significant and can […]

hridik October 29, 2018

Do you need a well updated website which suits the functionality of your business concern? Well. Chances are you had your website designed and developed by a dedicated php developer long-long time ago, and now it is incapable of coping with your operations anymore due to its old age – or you must be having something in […]

hridik October 16, 2018

Image source: pxabay It is sometimes difficult to be in the market of website and application. Being in confusion of where to commence, which offshore web development company to contact or how much cost the whole process is going to involve in which you can be truly accepting happily. And then comes those stories of horror of […]

hridik October 8, 2018

Both carts have their positives and negatives. Open source platforms generally attract a lot of people. It provides more options and people can personalize their cart accordingly. Issues regarding Security Image source: pexels However, because open source systems are so popular, many people are aware of the open source code, which can ultimately result into a hack. […]

hridik September 19, 2018

Do you ever notice how much time do you spend surfing the internet? It seems our habits are concentrated there if not more. Think about your potential customer right now. Thought? What do you think they are doing at this time? Maybe they are looking for something to purchase. There are many web stores in […]

hridik August 24, 2018

Each passing day, we find that half of our works are done either by computers/laptops or smartphones. As we know, there are apps designed by web designers also, which we need the most but to install that we have to pay. And it becomes difficult to search for an app exactly what we need as […]

hridik August 14, 2018

Symfony is a framework, i.e., a PHP web application framework which contains a block of reusable PHP components/libraries. It is an open source which uses a common structure and standards to build its framework. It aims to speed up to create and maintain the web applications and replace the repetitive coding tasks. The developers of […]